Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year *Rant*

It's that time of year again. To start planning for epicness and to also get some very important personal affairs over and done with. And then to hopefully relax properly.

I only managed to somewhat achieve that in "half" last year (Thank you Lepidoptera). I must try harder this year. I hope to be successful.....out with the stress in with the rest!! ^________^ Aaaany waaay...^^;; I'm half way done with achieving my lunas!!

$57.00 more dollars and they're mine!! Why so much you ask? Cause I'm ordering them from Carolina science and I have also buy an enclosure to keep them in to make sure they eclose properly.......then I'll have them flying around my house.

Then there's the shipping and state tax soooo ^^;; It's all worth it though. And there's also nets too. I have to get one before they else will I'll put them back when play time is over? :P

Must go start looking. I'll rant more on my plans later. Toodles!

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