Monday, June 30, 2008


Saw all of these in one whole day! Yippee! ^_^

1 Scarab Beetle Larvae
10,000 ants and their larvae
1 plume moth
1 cabbage white butterfly
1 firefly
1 ladybug ( in my house )

Please note that I have no idea how many ants I saw. It just looked there were 10,000.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Cream-bordered Green Pea - Earias clorana

Cream-bordered Green Pea - Earias clorana

Wingspan 16-20 mm.

A small but distinctive species, only likely to be confused with the micro Tortrix viridana, which however rests with a much 'flatter' aspect.

It is scattered locally throughout south-eastern England, with occasional records elsewhere, and inhabits fens, marshes and damp woodland.

Flying mainly in May and June, sometimes there is a second generation in August.

The larvae feed on various willows (Salix), including osier (S. viminalis).

- UK Moths