Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brief Explination

I know you're wondering where I went so I'm gonna explain very quickly and then we'll get back to the bugs. I've been having some problems with my computer and I wasn't able to sign in to a few specific sites blogger being one of them so I couldn't update for a while.

But now that's all over thank the Lord and I can update again. I'll also be filling in post for this month as you know most of this year I haven't been able to post due to LIFE and the internet being unavailable to me for months.

But that is also obviously over. So, bring in the BUGS!

Damselfly: A Battle for Paternity - Battle of the Animal Sexes - BBC

I found this sometime ago.

Let me know what you think. I thought it was fascinating as I've seen them do this.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bug of The MonthAmazonian Leaf Footed Bug - Diactor bilineatus

I had found out about these a while ago. I haven't found any info on them yet but I'll keep looking. I love leaf footed bugs. Making this fellow BOTM ( Bug Of The Month ).

Credit For Photos: What's That Bug? & Brittanica Encyclopedia

No copyright infringement intended.

Originally posted on 09-26-09

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Predatory Caterpillars?! O_O

Yes I couldn't believe this myself either but:

A completely new feeding pattern has been found among caterpillars native to Hawaii: certain geometrid larvae (commonly called inchworms) consume no leaves or other plant matter. Instead, they perch inconspicuously along leaf edges and stems to seize insects that touch their posterior body section.

By bending the front of their body backwards in a very rapid strike, the caterpillars opportunistically capture their prey with elongated, spiny legs and 900 larvae and eggs of these moths have been collected from native forests of all the main islands and reared in the laboratory. All are species of Eupithecia, a worldwide group of over 1000 members that had been reported to feed only on plant matter such as flowers, leaves or seeds.

At least 6 of Hawaii's described Eupithecia species are raptorially carnivorous, only 2 are known to feed predominantly on plant material, especially Metrosideros flowers. A diet including protein-rich flower pollen and a defensive behavior of snapping may have preadapted Hawaii's ancestral Eupithecia for a shift to predation.

Severe barriers to dispersal of mantids and other continental insect predators into Hawaii resulted in an environment favoring behavioral and consequent morphological adaptations that produced these singular insects, which can be commonly called the grappling inchworms. Most damage to native biota and habitat is due to imported species or biological pollution, and has caused a serious need for protective management.

Holy crap!
Source: SpringerLink - Journal Archive

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Cicada Killers!

I saw one today, along with a Garden Orb Weaver, and some other kind of HUGE wasp, and a bunch of Cabbage whites when I went to Morning Side park.

Cicada killers are a kind of wasp. They mainly use cicadas as their host food for their larvae but I've seen them use katydids and the like.

I think they're beautiful in a fierce predatory kind of way. It was flying around a field I was in. It's obvious what it was looking for. :)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Stratiomys sp.

OMG! It's adorable! According to bugguide it's either S. adelpha or S. discalis I really don't care atm because I'm in love! ♥ So anyway I'll keep my eyes open for more info on either of the species that this little adorable guy might be.

Since bugguide didn't have any info on either possible species perhaps Google could come up with something? Idk we'll see! If they do I'll either edit this post or make another one.

Credit For Photo: David Bree & Bugguide

Sunday, September 06, 2009

I'm Still Alive

Yes I haven't forgotten about this blog or about my other 2 that are on here.

I've been without the internet for quite sometime which is responsible for half of the reason I haven't been posting for sometime now. The other is LIFE and the fact that it's wearing me down somewhat. I'm sorry to say that.

Life shouldn't be a bitch but it is. As for when I'll be posting I'm going to fill in for at least some of the months in this year to get rolling again.

And hopefully I'll be back full time later this year? Idk yet we'll see. That's what I'm thinking at least. Any way you'll be seeing post for August 2009 around.


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

All The Bugs!

Today was the best day of my life so far this month.

This is what happened.

I talked to Moet on AIM YAAAAAAAY!
She had me LOL so hard I couldn't breath! XD
I FINALLY go to go to my beloved Central Park and
*Takes deep breath*
I went to the exact same part of the park that I went when I was in Northside Center. Oh the memories! ♥♥
It hasn't changed. The playground that we always played at is exactly the same. I even saw the same pool that I went to too.

I almost cried.

I saw a thousand dragonflies. Got up close a personal with 2 of them right before I left
Saw said dragonflies LAYING EGGS! I've never seen them do that before I've read about it of course.
Saw BUNCHES of pairs of them flying in tandem.

Other Bugs/Animals That I saw:

3 Monarchs ( Got really close to one and he/she flew away I had tears in my eyes at the beauty of it )
2 Bluet Damselflies in tandem.
Saw a guy catch a sunfish and I got to touch it!
A Cabbage White Butterfly
Ducks and Geese and I fed the ducks XD

I know you're thinking "Why would I want to touch a fish?" But I like nature so that's why. :P I also fed some ducks and I saw a fish of some sort jump in the air an snatch something out of the air.....NEVER in all my 5 years of going to Camp Huntington have I seen such a thing. And all I had to do was go to 110th street to do so.