Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mystery Green Worm

Caloptilia violacella which is very very close/similar to what I observed on November 8th 2011....Photo from Bugguide here. Copyright infringement is never intended.

Lepidoptera never ceases to amaze me. I don't remember telling you in detail (I might have but don't remember) about a rather warm Spring like day in November of last year that resulted in one last cabbage white (Pieris rapae) and a bunch of other assorted epic creepy crawlies?

See this was supposed to be up last year but I never got around to it because I was distracted by *Eh hemm* other things.........ɛïɜ

But anyway.....^^;; On with the show!

Observations/Information for ID:

Life Stage: Larva

Possible Speculations: Moth Larva, Sawfly Larva (which is now obviously ruled out)

Where Observed: Hanging from a silken thread from a crab apple tree (Malus spp.)

Color: Green. Bright happy grass green. Head was light brown/tan

Family: "Microlepidoptera" can't go any further then that. Suspected leafminers etc.

Size: Tiny. It could fit on a dime! It was so tiny that I couldn't get a picture of it with my camera (it doesn't do Micro.....must save up for lenses).

Observations: Was seen suspending itself from a thread of silk underneath a crab apple tree. Was heading downwards holding its body in a crescent shape with prolegs visible. Looked like a cog. Very beautiful, graceful.

Felt like Spring Crab apple might be host plant. Unsure of instar.....maybe 2nd?

Date Sighted: November 8th 2011

Anyone know of any Eastern Microlepidoptera that use crabapples as host plants and have tiny green larvae?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Honeybees & Snakes......OH MY!!

"OMG!" Observed 2 of them.

Indeed yes......remind me again what month we're in?? It's February you say? Why I thought it was April!! :P

It was GORGEOUS out today and I hit the freaking motherload of jackpots. Look!:


Does anyone know what type of snake this is? Asked on The Venomlist and am now waiting replies. Would really like to know. My friend said it was Garden/Garter snake but I thought those were greenish......hmmm.

Input is greatly appreciated. Cyren what do you know about snakes? I know practically nothing. >_< =P

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mystery Butterfly #2 SOLVED Mechanitis polymnia lycidice

Remember this?

I've had a most enlightening conversation with a friend of mine about Lepidoptera in general when I got the feeling to ask him about my mystery butterflies. He told me to send him the photos of the butterflies in question and I did which led to yet another conversation about them where he told me that my specimen was Mechanitis lycidice.

I did some research and later found out that M. lycidice was reclassified as a subspecies of Mechanitis polymnia. This fits in perfectly with what one of the staff had told me. She had said that the only species they get is Mechanitis polymnia.

The butterfly above according to my friend Payam is Mechanitis polymnia lycidice. =) I thank you because this has drove me nuts since last year. 1 down 1 more to go. The only thing bugging me about this atm is that I can't find another photo of M. p. lycidice that's like the one in my pic. I know that M. p. lycidice has lots of different forms but Idk why this one hasn't been documented in anyway that I know of?

Any additional comments/information/PHOTOS!! are greatly appreciated and welcomed.

God bless you Lepidoptera/and Lepidopterists. *^^*

Friday, February 17, 2012

Winter Is Not Here At All

This is most definitely not normal. I'm speechless and full of joy. Can someone please confirm that today's date is indeed February 17th 2012?

Thank you. All of my calendars and things are saying that it is and yet, Miss Nature is disagreeing by sending me my little friends 2 months earlier. It was once again warmish out bright and happy. It was apparently making everything else happy too.

This was found underneath one of the many rocks I was looking under for epic creepy crawlies. I had taken it out to let it walk around more freely and to get better videos. I had gotten 2 this was the best of the 2.

The things I do for my little friends. The little bugger had me sitting on the ground (*Note to self: next time squat to avoid looking more like a crazy person. :P) possibly messing up my pants (it wouldn't be the first time and it sure won't be the last) trying to get videos of it. It was fast.

Along with that centipede were:

1 Millipede
Woodlice (Porcellio spinicornis)
2 black slugs
Earthworms (with eggs!?!!)
TONS of daffodils and newly sprung crocuses (purple)

Once again this cannot be normal.........What in blue blazes is going on here?

Cheers to early bug hunting!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Look at what I FINALLY got today!! Happy Valentines Day!!

So totally unexpected but welcomed with open arms. I'm in love and so so so happy it's been a year since I last had my precious babies and I was waiting for the opportunity to go hunting for them and I got my blessed opportunity today.

Thank you Lord.

Hermit Observations:

The big one (who my friend said to name after her "Emma") is what I believe to be a food lover. "She" (don't know yet if it's a she, would be HILARIOUS if "She" turned out to be a "He") hung out in the food dish all day after I was done giving them a dip and cleaning out their tank. Smh......this is priceless.

The little one who I'm naming after my mom. Olga "Mi mi" (nickname obviously) is kinda shy I think. ^^ Took "Her" forever to come out to play. I cannot wait to get to know them better.

Piccies! Lookieeeeeeeee~~~~~*^^*


PWECIOUS BABIES!!!! ♥♥♥♥ *.*

I'm seriously on a freaking high with these. It's different from my Lepidopteran highs. These are making me quite literally jump for joy. Although that'll be another day as it's late here and I'm too tired to jump. ^^;;

I wonder now how many this makes that I've had over the years? 50? More?

Odd Hermie Behaviors:

If there's one thing I've definitely noticed is that whenever I obtain pairs or more then one hermie every so often when it's play time and they're feeling happy and hyper they love to climb on top of each other like leap frogs but they stay like that for a good while.

Due to my dirty dirty sense of humor I often would make puns (my mother would too XD) about "disturbing their privacy" or "PDA's" or being "downright naughty".........because lets face it it does look like they could be being naughty in front of the humans (Hermie exhibitionists?).

But my curiosity won out. All jokes aside I'd like to know why they like doing this so much?


"Mommy? Are they having sex?" P0rn? :P

I have no idea what this is but it's freaking adorable!! I'll try and get better pics/videos when the lighting in here is better.

Naughty Hermie Behaviors:

They haven't even been here for 24 hours and Emma's eating all the food and Mimi's shitting in the newly cleaned tank.

Smh........God I love them and their antics.

In Buggy News:

I got a pre Valentine's day visitor. Another mystery spider!! Found it in the bathroom last night. Was shaking out towels in the tub and it was in there. I then proceeded to put him/her in a little jar for the night and the next morning after the bathroom was appropriately cleaned and dry (messy bubble bath.....don't ask. ^^;;) I released him/her back into the bathroom.......

......where it proceeded to hang out on my wall above the lights for hours and then come down and spin some sort of web/drag line between my toiletries while I'm on the toilet. Tried to get pics wasn't successful.

But it was E.P.I.C.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 10, 2012


I was just notified by blogger that one of my entries was reported to the DMCA (who are they?) for "copyright infringement" or something of the sort.

Note that this entry I believe is from 2007-2008? Not too sure but I don't care. What I do care about is that someone is digging through old entries of mine and "reporting" them? No. I will not tolerate this. I've already had a rant on SOPA and PIPA and freedom of speech and all the other things recently involving the internet.

I will not do so again. To the people who own any of the photos I come across on my research binges on Google and other sites:

If you want your photos linked to or removed please say so via comments and I will happily do as you wish. Instead of acting like cowards and running to the DMCA or whoever tell it to me please as I would like to hear these types of things from you guys personally and not an "automated message".

Something that's also VERY important. I have saved 100's if not 1000's of insect & spider photos from around the world for years specifically for this blog and personal reference. It's virtually impossible for me to remember where I got every single one. I'll link back when I can but most often I cannot since I've had them stored up for months and years (for older ones).

If any of these photos belong to you and you either want them linked or removed please leave me a comment with said link and whatever else as it will be easier on everyone that way. The purpose of this blog (which is my utter pride and joy) is to share my passion with anyone who's interested with my insecty creepy crawly friends.

It's meant to be educational and fun. And I've learned loads from doing this and I hope to anyone who reads this that you have too. I apologize if I've offended anyone as that was and is NEVER my intentions.

I hope that I have cleared things up better. Must get some rest now as it's late.

P.S. To Blogger (love you guys) I never got that email with the details of said "complaint". I would appreciate it if it could be resent.

I would like to read it. Thank you!

P.P.S The above rant also applies to quoted passages from sites (mostly Wikipedia). I have gotten better with linking/crediting/mentioning where the passages have come from. I will continue to work harder to remember to do all of the above whenever necessary.

It's hard though as lately for unknown reasons I'm very forgetful with somethings.......I will try my hardest though. Reminders (again via COMMENTS) are appreciated.

Once again Thank you! =)

Thursday, February 02, 2012


Eueides isabella? Butterfly Exhibit 12-24-11

"I do confess that I must stress that lepidoptera is the best"

- Me

↑ Just popped into my head for no reason. But yes they are "the best" as are all my little friends are. Lepidoptera just happens to be one my most favorites.

I must thank that wonderful blessed exhibit as it's responsible for making me fall head over heels in love with them with such an intensity it's shocking. I've always loved them. But I guess now that I'm older I appreciate all of my "childhood" memories and experiences with them even more and treasure all the new ones I've experienced.

Along with that is the way I feel now being around them or thinking of them........it's so peaceful warm calming and happy. Not to mention serious bouts of nostalgia which I love.

This is normal yes? My friends don't exactly understand it all. But they've said that I'm "Obsessed with butterflies now aren't you?" I didn't understand exactly what they meant being that I was "obsessed" with insects in general all my life but thinking back now........Yes ^^;;;

They've occupied the "insect chamber" of my brain ever since the opening of said exhibit. I cannot wait till Spring fashion comes in because they'll be invading my clothes, jewelry and anything else I can find them on.

Oh yes and they've pretty much taken over this blog too. And I'm still not done with the photos from the museum! 0_0

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Photinus pyralis My precious babies how I miss you so.........♥ Photo from here as copyright infringement is never ever intended. Link
4 years.......It's been 4 years since I've last seen one of my glowing friends. I was pondering why this was when I did some research and discovered this and it makes me want to slap the human race. Entirely.

When you build your homes on your precious landscapes and pastures at least think. "Will I be hurting any wildlife?" At least do your part to ensure that you'll help in preserving Nature's precious creatures.

Now I live in the city but I've seen these a plenty in the lobby, on my terrace and making their way into my house scaring the crap out of my mom every time. :P The last one I saw was in 2008 and I want them back. I remember catching these in mid air and letting the walk around my hand and watching them fly off again.

Lighting up the grass outside with their yellow-green hues. Bringing bouts of joy every time I saw one. While I can't do much I can promise I'll be keeping my eyes out for them this year. Any I see I'll take a picture/video of them.

I'll be keeping track of any I find. I'm hoping my park will have some. I'll also check Central park as I think if any are still around here they'll be in there. =)

As they say in Korea 개똥벌레 화이팅!