Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Photinus pyralis My precious babies how I miss you so.........♥ Photo from here as copyright infringement is never ever intended. Link
4 years.......It's been 4 years since I've last seen one of my glowing friends. I was pondering why this was when I did some research and discovered this and it makes me want to slap the human race. Entirely.

When you build your homes on your precious landscapes and pastures at least think. "Will I be hurting any wildlife?" At least do your part to ensure that you'll help in preserving Nature's precious creatures.

Now I live in the city but I've seen these a plenty in the lobby, on my terrace and making their way into my house scaring the crap out of my mom every time. :P The last one I saw was in 2008 and I want them back. I remember catching these in mid air and letting the walk around my hand and watching them fly off again.

Lighting up the grass outside with their yellow-green hues. Bringing bouts of joy every time I saw one. While I can't do much I can promise I'll be keeping my eyes out for them this year. Any I see I'll take a picture/video of them.

I'll be keeping track of any I find. I'm hoping my park will have some. I'll also check Central park as I think if any are still around here they'll be in there. =)

As they say in Korea 개똥벌레 화이팅!


tucson home security systems said...

Im so fascinated with these creatures.

Anonymous said...

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Cyren said...

Hey Brittanie!!!

I'm not sure if you've read the article on my blog on fireflies but the strangest thing happened some years ago. Basically the place where I work at is an industrial hub. It's a university smacked in the middle of a housing estate, with a giant supermall nearby and lots of up and coming construction work.

Yet, as I was walking to my car one day, I couldn't help but notice small lights flickering abuot in the undergrowth. A quick investigation later revealed fireflies!!! Scores of them!!! It is virtually unheard of in our country to have fireflies in the city, but small things like this gives me hope for our environment ><


Brittanie said...


Hearing this gives me hope too. I'm going go look in the grass outside my apartment (since it's VERY "woodsy") and see if I find any once Spring rolls around.

I miss them coming in my house flying around my lights scaring the crap out of my mom. XD I also will be checking the parks too as I have a feeling I'll find them there.

I don't see why (as by example by your experience with them) they can't "live along with us". All we have to do is not litter so much and be aware that we're not alone in this diverse world.

God bless you Lampyridae ♥

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