Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Look at what I FINALLY got today!! Happy Valentines Day!!

So totally unexpected but welcomed with open arms. I'm in love and so so so happy it's been a year since I last had my precious babies and I was waiting for the opportunity to go hunting for them and I got my blessed opportunity today.

Thank you Lord.

Hermit Observations:

The big one (who my friend said to name after her "Emma") is what I believe to be a food lover. "She" (don't know yet if it's a she, would be HILARIOUS if "She" turned out to be a "He") hung out in the food dish all day after I was done giving them a dip and cleaning out their tank. Smh......this is priceless.

The little one who I'm naming after my mom. Olga "Mi mi" (nickname obviously) is kinda shy I think. ^^ Took "Her" forever to come out to play. I cannot wait to get to know them better.

Piccies! Lookieeeeeeeee~~~~~*^^*


PWECIOUS BABIES!!!! ♥♥♥♥ *.*

I'm seriously on a freaking high with these. It's different from my Lepidopteran highs. These are making me quite literally jump for joy. Although that'll be another day as it's late here and I'm too tired to jump. ^^;;

I wonder now how many this makes that I've had over the years? 50? More?

Odd Hermie Behaviors:

If there's one thing I've definitely noticed is that whenever I obtain pairs or more then one hermie every so often when it's play time and they're feeling happy and hyper they love to climb on top of each other like leap frogs but they stay like that for a good while.

Due to my dirty dirty sense of humor I often would make puns (my mother would too XD) about "disturbing their privacy" or "PDA's" or being "downright naughty".........because lets face it it does look like they could be being naughty in front of the humans (Hermie exhibitionists?).

But my curiosity won out. All jokes aside I'd like to know why they like doing this so much?


"Mommy? Are they having sex?" P0rn? :P

I have no idea what this is but it's freaking adorable!! I'll try and get better pics/videos when the lighting in here is better.

Naughty Hermie Behaviors:

They haven't even been here for 24 hours and Emma's eating all the food and Mimi's shitting in the newly cleaned tank.

Smh........God I love them and their antics.

In Buggy News:

I got a pre Valentine's day visitor. Another mystery spider!! Found it in the bathroom last night. Was shaking out towels in the tub and it was in there. I then proceeded to put him/her in a little jar for the night and the next morning after the bathroom was appropriately cleaned and dry (messy bubble bath.....don't ask. ^^;;) I released him/her back into the bathroom.......

......where it proceeded to hang out on my wall above the lights for hours and then come down and spin some sort of web/drag line between my toiletries while I'm on the toilet. Tried to get pics wasn't successful.

But it was E.P.I.C.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Cyren said...

Oooh these are positively adorable! They're slightly different from the ones sold here in that they are red in color (the ones we get are purple or blue). I think that means they are of the freshwater and not the saltwater variety! Good luck raising them and I hope you have more success than I do! I never seem to be able to keep them alive for more than a year or two... I think its the lack of salt or something that does it so I've pretty much stopped trying.

Brittanie said...

Ohhh yeeeees! Aren't they pwecious?!

These are land hermit crabs so they primarily live on land but still need to keep their gill moist hence the dips *^^*

I do hope you try and raise these again. It's fun. Maybe if you find out what type your getting it'll be easier to find out everything they need including salt water.

I'll be researching. ^___^

Powerz said...
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hermesonlinestore said...
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hermesonlinestore said...
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Cyren said...

Okay, spam comments aside!!!

How are they doing now? I came across a pet store that sold these red colored ones as well. I think what they generally do in the wild is swap shells so maybe the leapfrogging behavior has something to do with it.

I doubt they were mating. All hermit crabs sold in pet stores were caught in the wild as it is still impossible to breed these in captivity. Though they have evolved to be fairly independent of the ocean, these crabs still need to go down to the open seas to spawn and that's where their almost microscopic larvae will develop for a time before moving back onto land. But I wonder... if you could be the first person to crack the code on captive bred Hermies!!!! :D


Brittanie said...

Ugh Spam X_X Deleting comments/

They're fine. the Big one's cooped up napping in the food dish and the little one was going underneath the papertowels I laid down in the tank for the time being until I can get some sort of substrate.

Idk if it was looking for places to molt or not because I noticed it's legs have those cute little black tips but I can't remember if those grow in before or after they molt. So that's what concerning me atm.

Camera's charging atm so I can't get pics. XD But hopefully tomorrow at some point.

Goodness! This little one is all over the tank!!