Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mystery Butterfly #2 SOLVED Mechanitis polymnia lycidice

Remember this?

I've had a most enlightening conversation with a friend of mine about Lepidoptera in general when I got the feeling to ask him about my mystery butterflies. He told me to send him the photos of the butterflies in question and I did which led to yet another conversation about them where he told me that my specimen was Mechanitis lycidice.

I did some research and later found out that M. lycidice was reclassified as a subspecies of Mechanitis polymnia. This fits in perfectly with what one of the staff had told me. She had said that the only species they get is Mechanitis polymnia.

The butterfly above according to my friend Payam is Mechanitis polymnia lycidice. =) I thank you because this has drove me nuts since last year. 1 down 1 more to go. The only thing bugging me about this atm is that I can't find another photo of M. p. lycidice that's like the one in my pic. I know that M. p. lycidice has lots of different forms but Idk why this one hasn't been documented in anyway that I know of?

Any additional comments/information/PHOTOS!! are greatly appreciated and welcomed.

God bless you Lepidoptera/and Lepidopterists. *^^*

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