Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mystery Green Worm

Caloptilia violacella which is very very close/similar to what I observed on November 8th 2011....Photo from Bugguide here. Copyright infringement is never intended.

Lepidoptera never ceases to amaze me. I don't remember telling you in detail (I might have but don't remember) about a rather warm Spring like day in November of last year that resulted in one last cabbage white (Pieris rapae) and a bunch of other assorted epic creepy crawlies?

See this was supposed to be up last year but I never got around to it because I was distracted by *Eh hemm* other things.........ɛïɜ

But anyway.....^^;; On with the show!

Observations/Information for ID:

Life Stage: Larva

Possible Speculations: Moth Larva, Sawfly Larva (which is now obviously ruled out)

Where Observed: Hanging from a silken thread from a crab apple tree (Malus spp.)

Color: Green. Bright happy grass green. Head was light brown/tan

Family: "Microlepidoptera" can't go any further then that. Suspected leafminers etc.

Size: Tiny. It could fit on a dime! It was so tiny that I couldn't get a picture of it with my camera (it doesn't do Micro.....must save up for lenses).

Observations: Was seen suspending itself from a thread of silk underneath a crab apple tree. Was heading downwards holding its body in a crescent shape with prolegs visible. Looked like a cog. Very beautiful, graceful.

Felt like Spring Crab apple might be host plant. Unsure of instar.....maybe 2nd?

Date Sighted: November 8th 2011

Anyone know of any Eastern Microlepidoptera that use crabapples as host plants and have tiny green larvae?


Cyren said...

Why don't you try raising it in a tupperware? It could be the only way to be sure! That's what I do with all of my mystery larvae (unless, of course, I found it a distance from any possible plant source)

Brittanie said...

That's a good idea!! Should I find anymore this year I'll definitely try it.!

This cutiepie was hanging from a crabapple tree. Idk which species but I know where and find that tree easily again. Will be checking foliage.