Thursday, March 08, 2012


Honeybee nectaring from Mahonia sp. 03-08-12

Observed this today. There several about 3-4 throughout the area. Also mixed in was a Eristalis tenax. *^^* They're really amazing mimics of honeybees.

It really felt like Spring today. Warm bright and happy. Very windy though. Everything's blooming early the bees are most likely thinking "WTF?!" and I'm ecstatic! Throughout today I have wondered greatly about the butterflies.

Where do they pupate? In the case of Pieris rapae for example. I have observed last year both adults and larvae but not the chrysalids. Where would I find them? I've never thought of this before until now. I'm guessing that Pieris rapae is international? Cyren do you get these in Malaysia? Have you found the pupae?

If so where? ASAP I will be spending a proper visit searching as I would've done today but had to be back for the mailman so I couldn't dawdle. Next time. Also this something to ask the staff at the exhibit next time I pop over for a visit.

Hoping to find one someday. Long time no see. =) Life's been busy! Will be filling in for this week so check for posts! I've also been researching and have found utter epicness that I'm very excited to rant and rave about and give 5 stars to.

You'll see. For now I must run. Dinner time! *^^*

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