Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is Here Early

They're here! They're finally here!!


We have been having unusually warm Spring like weather since late February. Up until this point I've been seeing lots of honeybees and various creepy crawlies but I was aching for my lepidopteran friends and booooy did I get rewarded today. ♥

My little bugaboos:

5 Cabbage Whites (Pieris rapae)
✩ 2 Mourning Cloaks (Nymphalis antiopa) ✩
2-3 Hoverflies
2 Tan slugs
2 Milipedes
1 Spider (funnel web perhaps? Found under a rock)
✩ 1 DeKay's Brown Snake *Finally put an ID to my mystery snake and found another one! Or was it the same one? Found in the same area as the first one.
Bees (Bombus imperialis, mystery bees)
Mystery Wasps
1 Tiny Rove beetle *Never knew they could get so TINY!
1 Ground beetle
1 Centipede

I'm speechless........


Cyren said...

How big was the spider? And did it have pronounced fangs? Funnel webs are mygalomorphs and are very large and possess a set of very wicked looking fangs!

Brittanie said...

It could fit on a nickle and it was brown, blended into the leaf litter and the cephalothorax had black stripes running down it.

I have no idea what type it was. I was guessing because it looked like the funnel webs that like to live the holes in the walls and perch above on the kitchen sink and watch me do my dishes. *^^*

But this one was smaller....hmmmmm Maybe a wolf spider perhaps? A young one?