Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chasing Dreams.....

I had the highest of honors today. As of recent I've been swamped with various errands and appointments because life's busy like that sometimes and I was on the train with a friend reading my book on the Arctiidae when my friend had pointed out that "the lady must like butterflies cause she keeps smiling at you".

So I had turned around and asked her "Do you like butterflies?" She answered yes.....but the next words out of her mouth were ones I had not expected in a million years. "I'm an Entomologist" I just about died. So I had asked her about the Mechanitis butterflies and she had told me that she had specialized in Aquatic Entomology which just lead me to ask more questions.

Specifically about a beetle I had found a couple of days prior that I had suspicions of it being a Water Penny Beetle (Psephenidae) but after "proper research" I don't think it was a water penny beetle. I haven't the slightest clue on what it could be. I'll rant about it later.

I had asked her if any species were metallic and she had confirmed that there were some. What I did forget to mention was that this beetle had a very "housefly walk" to it. And the body shape reminded me more of Predacious Diving Beetles (Dytiscidae) but no where as huge as the diving beetles. Absolutely microscopic compared to them. But it's big enough to see and get insanely blurry pictures of. ^^;;

So we spent like 5 minutes discussing the Psephenidae and then next thing you know I'm at my stop and unfortunately had to leave. I was like a kid with "But I don't want to leave" :P But it was mandatory that I do so because my friend would've killed me and I couldn't afford to miss this appointment. But it's an experience I'll never forget.

So many things I wanted to ask her. The Odonata......ohhhh God the Odonata. T_T *Sigh* Here's hoping I meet more Entomologists someday.

This has lead me to remember about the aquatic lepidopteran larvae of the Crambidae and the Pyralidae. 0_0 Research has already commenced as I type this about a dozen possible new entries could from this and other non related research.

Goodness me there's so much.


What I'm currently reading. I'm on Chapter 8 atm. It's a wonderful book. *^^*


The page I was reading on that blessed train ride. Best train ride ever.


Cyren said...

Oh!!! So that was your entomologist encounter. Haha sounds like fun!!! And she seems really friendly too!!! You should have asked for her business card or something then maybe you can continue to email her. :D

Brittanie said...

Believe me I wish I had!! But there was simply no time. XD It was extremely fun and I was on a high the whole day. My cheeks were hurting from smiling so much. ^^*

Something though I'll treasure forever and never forget. I hope to have more encounters like this. For a longer period of time so proper conversations can ensue. =)