Monday, February 27, 2012

Honeybees & Snakes......OH MY!!

"OMG!" Observed 2 of them.

Indeed yes......remind me again what month we're in?? It's February you say? Why I thought it was April!! :P

It was GORGEOUS out today and I hit the freaking motherload of jackpots. Look!:


Does anyone know what type of snake this is? Asked on The Venomlist and am now waiting replies. Would really like to know. My friend said it was Garden/Garter snake but I thought those were greenish......hmmm.

Input is greatly appreciated. Cyren what do you know about snakes? I know practically nothing. >_< =P


Cyren said...

Cyren knows next to nothing about snakes, despite his preoccupation with poisonous creatures. What little knowledge I have about reptiles is strictly restricted to the ones you can find in our tropical climate. Sorry! But from the looks of it, it could most certainly be a garden or garter snake. They aren't always green, as their names might suggest.

Brittanie said...

Brittanie appreciates your input immensely. She needs to do further research on the matter for her knowledge is next to none.

I did a quick Google search and I'm thinking it IS a Garter snake as I've found similar patterned ones. I've also learned that they're different species of Garter/Garden Snakes. This is something I never knew nor has it ever occurred tome that they're might be "more then one". ^^

Cyren said...

Are you aware, of the phenomenon known as the "garter snake mating ball" ? :P

Brittanie said...

OMG yeeeees! That has got to be the most AMAZING way to mate ever.

They own all. :P