Saturday, January 28, 2012

The extremely long-tongued Neotropical butterfly Eurybia lycisca (Riodinidae): Proboscis morphology and flower handling

*Drools* It's so pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Someone needs to slap me right now. This looks like my "Mystery Satyrid" only with more eye spots that are towards the edges of the hindwings and they're tan colored.

Holy shit.

But that's not the only reason I'm blogging these nooooo. These butterflies have extremely long proboscis (as you can see in the photo if you look hard enough). I found out about these by accident researching various other Riodinidae.

I love them. They're fascinating beings. There's a wealth of info here about them and their insanely long proboscis and how they handle flowers. I will say no more as I don't want to spoil anything. ^_~


Ohhhhhh yes these are definitely going on my faves list. Ohhhh Cyren have you heard of these?!


Cyren said...

Hey, I most certainly have not heard of these, much less seen them. I don't think you can find them in my current geographic location although, I'm doing a google search right now just to be sure.

That is the great thing about bugs, there's always something that will completely take your breath away!!! These are extremely beautiful, and yes I can see its extremely long proboscis as well! Great share though, definitely going on my "fav list" as well. LOL

Brittanie said...

I'm not sure where these are from either. I know I won't ever see these unless it's in an exhibit (unless they're protected in someway? But nothing is mentioned on that....).

But since these also seem to have one specific host plant that also seems to lessen my chances of seeing one. Oh well.

Alot of the Riodinids are on my faves list and this is yet another.

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