Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chasing Monarchs

Monarch (Danus plexippus) Female 10-06-11

I was supposed to show you these last year but I got sidetracked with other lepidopteran epicness. This gorgeous specimen was observed in my beloved park 2 days before the opening of the butterfly exhibit.....as if it knew.....*Happy sigh*

It also has occurred to me that of all the monarchs I've seen throughout my life time I've never gotten to hold one. 0_0 I came very close to doing so back in 2008 but not exactly. ^^;; I'll have to try and change that this year.



It was flying through the baseball field along with Colias philodice (yes I chased them too), Pieris rapae, a very tiny mystery moth, and various feeding dragonflies swarming above. This beauty had come out of nowhere and was too far away at first for me to see what it was but as I got closer it was quite obviously a monarch. *^^*

I then proceeded to try and get pictures of it which at first it was having none of it. Everytime I got close enough to snap a photo or try and pick it up it was off again flying through the fields so graceful yet strong. Eventually I had to stop being "selfish" (I was trying to get it on my hand I think I might've been scaring it a little *^^*) and just try and get at least one picture.

I got 5. ^______^ I figured let me let it calm down and then gently approach it again. I think it was one of the ones that just didn't like being touched?

Idk about anyone else but I'm convinced that butterflies have personalities like we do. Some are shy some are friendly and some like playing tricks on you. ^^ Such delightful creatures. Anyway throughout my chasing this thing through the fields I observed bundles of epicness. Dragonflies, Sulphers, Cabbage whites, and a mystery moth that was very tiny and the color of the sand. *^^*


I wonder what it was doing in that field? For some odd reason after I took the 5th picture my leg had seized up and sorta went numb....dunno why. I've chased plenty of butterflies before and this never happened. So to not risk falling and busting my ass I sat down and took a well needed rest and just watched the dragonflies and all the Pierids flying throughout the field. I felt so peaceful.

By this time the monarch had went on it's merry way. I hope it had a successful journey and laid lots of healthy eggs.


Ohhhhhh I forgot there's this one I observed on 09-12-11:


This one was flying around this cute little Butterfly bush. I must find a way to zoom in on this one so you can see it better. ^^

I've ramble enough. Toodles!


Cyren said...

Hahaha I very much enjoyed reading your ramble... ALSO, those were some superb shots of the monarch butterfly! They are really so beautiful, unfortunately the only ones I have seen were preserved specimens. You should plant milkweed in your garden and see if you can't attract them or not? :P

Brittanie said...

Don't they have Monarchs in Malaysia? Where's Danaus genutia native to again? For some reason I'm thinking either Asia or Africa.

Funny you should mention the milkweeds. One of the park volunteers that helps me identify mystery plants had told me after I asked him that he DID try and plant milkweed but his colleagues thought they were weeds and kept pulling them up. -_-

I'm making signs for him. This year I swear somehow they'll be milkweed in that park of mine. Oh yes they will.

I'm insanely proud of the pictures too. I honestly didn't think I'd get ANY that day it was all over the place. *^^*