Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mystery Dream Satyrid

Is very much aware of how childish this is. ^^;; I'm out of practice. I remember doing a rather nice "outline" of a Pieris rapae but I have no clue on where I put that. *Sigh*

Lepidopteran epicness has ensued once the form of dreams. Very vivid life like dreams. I had dreamt of observing the most beautiful Satyrid somewhere sitting on a leaf and somehow coming up with a name for it and that it began with a 'D' (Scientific or Common).

My dreams are extremely vivid, especially when it comes to my little friends. And when it comes to Lepidoptera........sometimes (this time and one other) I have to wonder if I'm just dreaming or is it something more? So with this beautiful specimen in mind all day I went to go see if I could find anything that resembled my "Mystery Satyrid".

The closest so far I have come to is Chloreuptychia arnaca


Not exact as it's missing eyespots that I just realized I forgot to draw in and the one in my dream the color was more tan-brown like sand. And the wings were rounded like in your "typical ringlet butterfly".

Does anything like this exists? I get the really strong feeling that it kinda does but I have yet to find anything complete resembling it.

I'll draw more pictures. *^^* Lord knows I need the practice and it's relaxing to do so. =)