Thursday, January 19, 2012

Teinopalpus imperialis

Female Teinopalpus imperialis gillesi (Turlin 1991) Most stunning......*Speechless*

I have always wanted to see live photos of these magnificent butterflies. I had finally come across some during research of various Papilionidae I think I don't really remember and I grabbed some.

IMHO photos of pinned specimens aren't doing these butterflies (or any butterfly) justice at all. It takes away from their beauty a little bit. At least with faded specimens.

Anyway enough of this depressing talk! Something interesting I remember reading about these butterflies is that they're so rare that if one very lucky villager were to catch one he could get enough money to buy a freaking motorbike for it.

Yup. One minute you don't have anything and you see one of these beauties and manage to catch it you're rich. Something that bothers me though is the value these butterflies have.........what happened to make them so rare?

I'll have to look into that some more.


Teinopalpus imperialis gellesi (Male)

Also to note the photos I got from here. Please note that if said parties (who I thank immensely for having such an epic opportunity to capture these butterflies on film) wish me to take these down I will happily do so as I'm not getting sued for "copyright infringement."

I thank everyone who is responsible for such gorgeous photos existing. Keep up the wonderful work. I know this is much to wish for but I would love to see one of these someday.......

*Sigh* One can dream right?Link


Cyren said...

WOW these are absolutely stunning!!!

Anonymous said...

I like your blog!

Brittanie said...

Cyren: I KNOW! For years I've wanted to see live photos of them and I finally got my wish.

Now I would love to somehow get to see one but that's not likely. XD Need to be rich to go to Thailand/Laos etc. ^^;;;;

I wonder if anyone plans to study their biology? I wonder what the larvae and pupae look like?

Anon: Thank you!!

Anji said...

love our pictures. Butterflies are fascinating. Do you find these where you live?

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Findewaa Gustavo said...

Some people find insects scary and intimidating. However, butterflies are one of those insect species that you can't help but feel mesmerized with. Their colorful wings are very eye-catching, and the Teinopalpus Imperialis is a great proof of that. =)

Anonymous said...

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JBS said...

You might want to check this out!

oneworld said...

So pretty.....

Steeve Collard said...

Thank you for your support! It has been very difficult to see them alive, as they only fly at the top of the trees in early morning...but it was worth the efforts!!!