Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Something I've noticed.......

The Lepidoptera have pretty much taken over this blog. Hehehehehe ^^;; I've been brainwashed by them completely. And I didn't think it was possible but I definitely know for sure now that I've fallen in love with them again.

Has anyone else noticed this magnetic pull that they seem to have? I love all my creepy crawly friends for various reasons. The Hymenoptera have such fascinating rich lives it's like a drama and I think I'll be looking into them in more depth this year definitely.

The Cicadas.........you already know how I feel about them. They were epic last year. BEST concert put on by them yet. I'm hoping to see one this year. *Crosses fingers*

The rest of the Homoptera and Hemiptera I adore and wish there were more books on them so I could learn more about them. The Coleoptera are intriguing and there have been lots of new ones popping up lately that I've never seen before. Loving it. Keep it up!

Diptera are fascinating, beautiful, and some I don't mess with (Deerflies/Horseflies pack a WHOLLOP sp?) their life histories are also fascinating and slightly disgusting. ^^;; But they produce some very interesting individuals.

And the Spiders whose presence in my house has not only been EPIC (still don't know where they're all coming from) but beneficial as they've popped up when I needed a little cheering up (see what I mean when I say they somehow know? Thank you God) and I also think might've had a hand in Cimex "disappearing". Will get more into that later.

The Odonata.........*Happy sigh* Beautiful creatures. Love love them and they too have been epic and I look forward to properly spending time with them this year hopefully IDing even more with the help of epic field guides *^^*

And the Othoptera they're adorable and their songs are delightful and I enjoy listening to them immensely. I hope to see more of Microcentrum rhombifolium and other species that might be hiding. I want diversity!!

And all the rest......can't list them all there's too many. ^^

But the Lepidoptera........they have something that's unique about them and extra special to me. Idk what it is but I'm thankful for it because they make me feel peaceful, happy, nostalgically warm and fuzzy and they're fascinating as hell and just as "drama" like as the Hymenopterans with their lives. They just do it gracefully. It's like you can't get mad at Notocrypta curvifasciata for devouring said Hymenopterans.......in it's adult form!!!

They're amazing.......Idk how else to describe it. And they have their own Anthem too that's a part of my childhood and oozes warm happy memories for me with raising Painted Ladies and catching Tiger Swallowtails at camp........*happy sigh*

I'll post said anthem later it's from A Bug's Life soundtrack. *^^* Once again I've rambled enough. But does anyone know what I'm talking about when I say there's something about Lepidoptera that just sucks you in? (Pun intended get it? ^^)

God bless my little insecty arachnidy friends. I wuv u ♥

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