Monday, January 09, 2012

Cattlehearts (Parides sp.)

Parides gundalachianus


Parides ascanius

Been doing research and I found these. Holy shit they're gorgeous!! Parides is very quickly becoming one of my favorite genera within the Papilionidae. Upon my research of these I have also think I figured out at least one of the Parides species at the exhibit.

I think it might be Parides arcus I'll have to confirm this later.


Cyren said...

These are extremely beautiful butterflies. Very prized among collectors too. Unfortunately none of their species are native to Malaysia :(

Brittanie said...

They're prized among collectors? Never knew that. And I'm surprised....I would think that at least Asia (all over/in general) would have at least 1 of every species.

But then again don't they say that South America is the richest in wildlife? Or am I missing something?

I've always read about Parides sp. occurring in the Americas but what do I know? :P I wonder if any reside in Asia at all?