Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Going On Strike

Had a long day today but I'm finally posting this at 7:22PM.

If you heard of SOPA and PIPA then you already know why I'm doing this. The Government CAN. NOT. censor the internet. I have never heard of anything as stupid as this in my life. By doing this you're endangering the world. You're taking away freedom of speech and creativity.

You're taking away a form of education. You're depriving kids what they will need to write their essays (books can't tell you everything as wonderful as they are) you're harming millions of business around the world. You're harming yourselves.

This blog of mine which I started back in 2007 is my pride and joy. I have been able to share my love of my multi legged friends with people all over the world, document all of the new species I've learned about and share my experiences with them with you all. Nothing makes me happier. The internet has taught me so much and helped me in so many ways both with my hobbies and my personal affairs.

Taking it away will harm the very lives of every single person on this planet. We use the internet to raise awareness of children in need of food or medical attention, to rally attention to stop bullying (why aren't you, The Government using this energy to stop this? Bullying needs to be put a stop to more then copyright infringement as copyright infringement doesn't leave people dead), for news, emails and chats with friends, a venting place for when you need to pour you heart out when sometimes talking isn't enough.

A place to relax and find some nice humor sites or educational videos. But most importantly freedom of speech. We should be allowed to say, post, vlog, upload, edit, email, IM whatever we want so long as it's not HARMING another person (a.k.a Cyberbullying another thing that should be stopped and yet what is the government doing?).

There are other ways to solve this problem. Censoring the internet IS. NOT. THE. ANSWER. Use you goddamn brains people!! Wake up and realize that there are better ways to solve this problem.

To my Followers:

Regardless of what happens I love you all. Thank you for sticking by me and helping me learn so much more about my little friends. I urge you to sign all petitions you can and CONTACT CONGRESS.

We must fight. We must win. God bless America God bless the internet.

God bless all of you.


One of many things you can do to stop this:

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JBS said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures.
And for speaking-up.
Keep up the good work.