Wednesday, September 02, 2009

All The Bugs!

Today was the best day of my life so far this month.

This is what happened.

I talked to Moet on AIM YAAAAAAAY!
She had me LOL so hard I couldn't breath! XD
I FINALLY go to go to my beloved Central Park and
*Takes deep breath*
I went to the exact same part of the park that I went when I was in Northside Center. Oh the memories! ♥♥
It hasn't changed. The playground that we always played at is exactly the same. I even saw the same pool that I went to too.

I almost cried.

I saw a thousand dragonflies. Got up close a personal with 2 of them right before I left
Saw said dragonflies LAYING EGGS! I've never seen them do that before I've read about it of course.
Saw BUNCHES of pairs of them flying in tandem.

Other Bugs/Animals That I saw:

3 Monarchs ( Got really close to one and he/she flew away I had tears in my eyes at the beauty of it )
2 Bluet Damselflies in tandem.
Saw a guy catch a sunfish and I got to touch it!
A Cabbage White Butterfly
Ducks and Geese and I fed the ducks XD

I know you're thinking "Why would I want to touch a fish?" But I like nature so that's why. :P I also fed some ducks and I saw a fish of some sort jump in the air an snatch something out of the air.....NEVER in all my 5 years of going to Camp Huntington have I seen such a thing. And all I had to do was go to 110th street to do so.

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