Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Buggy Highlights And A Letter to Lepidoptera

As the last hour of 2011 begins I wanted to look back on the all the epicness that was 2011. And not just "ordinary epicness" I mean stuff that has been unusual:

July 8th 2011:

Pieris rapae mating fest and a appearance by my beloved Painted Ladies

I will never forget this for as long as I live. I thank you and I'll be sure to thank your grandchildren next year too by spoiling them rotten.

July 22nd 2011

Halysidota harrisii Tree Raid!! 5 in one day on one tree. E.P.I.C.!

July 26th 2011

First Lucanus capreolus sighting!! I honestly didn't think I'd ever see any type of stag beetle ever. Thank you!!

July 28th 2011

Account of 3 sightings of Hemaris thysbe!! *Don't remember actual dates....will edit later ^^

August 1st onward


October 8th 2011

First visit to the NHM Butterfly exhibit I don't need to say any more on how E.P.I.C. this was. ♥

November 5th 2011

Second visit to my precious exhibit......♥

November 8th 2011

The last EPIC bughunt of the year Thank you to all my little friends thank you!!

December 24th 2011

Third visit to my precious.......♥

And earlier in the year (dates are escaping me atm) there were the wasp invasions. Those were thrilling!!

A Letter To Lepidoptera:

To my Fluttering diurnal & nocturnal friends:

You have been exceptional this year. As I sit here writing this while listening to your Anthem I'm extremely thankful for your presence this year. From the Pieris rapae mating fest and my holding Vanessa cardui again after all those years at a time where I needed the most to the mystery moths coming through and Monarchs and Cloudless sulphers popping up in all the strangest places.

To the Eastern Comma mass that came this the gorgeous black female tiger swallowtail that had me running through the fields trying to get a better the caterpillars.....Ohhhh the fuzzy and green bundles of the mysteries of the Celastrina and the Hemaris thysbes and last but not least finally laying my eyes on Actias Luna *Nostalgic warm happy fuzzy sigh* I love you and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You have been wonderful. I look forward to seeing you again next year. I'll be waiting! God bless





Cyren said...

Took me awhile but I finally spotted the magnificent Luna on the front porch(?)


Brittanie said...

How I wish that was my porch/terrace (LOTS of moths come through there) nooo this was at the exhibit again.

Although a friend told me she's seen them in Central Park. I think I'll camp out there. :P

I hope to one day see one up here at some point. I know they're here just further down in all the woodsy places where the lights from the buildings won't mess with their navigational beacon *^^*

Come out to play Actias lunaaaaa :P

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