Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mystery Danaid Butterfly Danaus vulgaris?

The spots were light blue obviously. ^^;; Lighting is all wonky on this one. Sorries. ^^;;;

Ok what is this? I've just been reminded that there's a thousand and one butterflies with in Danainae under different genera that are like this. Commonly called "Blue Tigers" "Glassy Wings" etc.

Cyren had suggested this could also be a Blue Glassywing (Danaus vulgaris) after I had thought it was Tirumala limniace but looking now again I don't think so....unless T. limniace is sexually dimorphic as they're photos of similarly patterned specimens listed with that name.

I'm confused. Yet another group of butterflies that needs a freaking identification guide. Any volunteers? Aaah yes you there! Get cracking!! :P

But seriously?! Here's a video of one among Julias (Dryas iula) and other assorted epicness:

Does this help with ID?


Quite a few of these. Made me quite happy to see them. One landed on my head. Yes I have pics but I'm shy. ^^;; Maybe later. I had asked which of the Blue Tigers this was and was told "Common Tiger" or something of the sort.

I'm still stumped. Also searching various species (within different genera REMEMBER this for later entries) I have to wonder how the hell do they tell them apart let alone the gender?!! 0_0

Yes I'm very very confused......Help! >_<

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