Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Jumping Cockroach: Saltoblattella montistabularis

Hell it even look like a cricket/immature grasshopper!

Ladies and Gentleman,

They can run, they can fly, some are pest, and back in prehistoric times they could also jump. Well guess what? They're baaaack! Yes the jumping cockroaches have apparently "resurfaced" South Africa to be exact.

They were discovered earlier this year in Capetown, Table Mountain National Park in the grasses with an apparent taste in grasshopper poop among other things. I wonder if they get there super jumping powers from eating grasshopper poop.

This just gets better and better. I love it when they discover new things. Makes me happy. Now on to business. The info! First a video so you can get a lovely image of these things in action:

Female Saltoblattella montistabularis Definitely thinking they're getting something eating that grasshopper poop. ^^ Original Youtube linky:
Clicky here!LinkLink
Said Youtube link also provides tons of info from 2 articles in the description box. There's also:

The Huff Post
National Geographic

They never cease to amaze me insects.......♥ Will be researching these further later. I have posts to fill in!

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