Wednesday, December 21, 2011


"I might leave very soon I might soar through the air weave a golden cocoon hung with silk fine and fair I might leave this behind all this glitter and shine and go far from the star of the show...."

You see this? I'm.......I'm speechless right now. This is the cocoon of Urodus parvula The Bumelia Webworm Moth....This oozes sentimentality right now. I'm getting all warm and fuzzy right now. It's the most it's beyond......holy shit I can't think right now. I'm on a Lepidopteran high.

Unfortunately once again nothing is known on the biology of these moths but I will be researching them and Webworms in general (I now understand where their name comes from. I wonder if other species make such gorgeous cocoons?).

For those wondering about the quote at the beginning of the post.....they're lyrics to one of my most favorite songs in the world. It's from "Star of The Show" from the soundtrack to A Bug's Life I'm listening to it right now....It's got my childhood (I'm 19 so technically I'm still a "child" :P) memories of my lepidopteran friends plus the movie all over it.

It makes me feel peaceful and during my research when I stumbled upon the photo I was rendered speechless. That photo practically depicts the entire song (which if you haven't guessed by now is about a moth :P)!

To quote it again:

"Safe and warm I was born in a beige colored coat that I traded for wings built to dazzle and float...."

Sweet Jesus........I'm all Idk how to describe it. Peaceful would be best. God bless you Lepidoptera God bless you.......ɛïɜ

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