Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Books! (Lepidoptery Buggy Goodness) ♥

Marpesia sp. I think.....^^;;

Working on expanding my collection. Amazon has epicness in droves and it shall all be mine! I'm thinking Belated Xmas/Early B-day gifties for sure.

Note that this is just so I can have a more organized (Emma would faint if she saw this ^^;; I'm least organized person in the world :P) view of sorts of what I'm saving up for. Hell even my Amazon wish list is a mess. ^_________^

Just got done making a new one for all my butterfly necklaces (yes I ♥ them so much I want them in my jewelry too). Now on with it!!

Lepidopteran Goodies:

The Butterflies of Costa Rica Philip J. Devries

The Butterflies of Costa Rica and Their Natural History Vol 1: Papilionidae, Pieridae, Nymphalidae ISBN-10: 0691024030 ISBN-13: 978-0691024035
The Butterflies of Costa Rica and Their Natural History Vol 2: Riodinidae ISBN-10: 0691028907 ISBN-13: 978-0691028903

↑ I could've sworn there was a third one........>_<

Butterflies in General

The Butterflies of the Malay Peninsula
A. Steven Corbet, H.M. Pendlebury ISBN-10: 9839681052 ISBN-13: 978-9839681055

The Butterflies of Hong Kong (A Volume in the AP Natural World Series)
M.J. Bascombe ISBN-10: 0120802902 ISBN-13: 978-0120802906

Field Guide To The Butterflies of South Africa Steve Woodhall ISBN-10: 1868727246 ISBN-13: 978-1868727247

Living Butterflies of South Africa Vol 1
Stephen F. Henning ISBN-10: 1919766030 ISBN-13: 978-1919766034

↑ Amazon AFAIK doesn't seem to have the second volume. Damn. I'll keep my eyes open obviously.

The Book of Indian Butterflies
Isaac Kehimkar ISBN-10: 0195696204 ISBN-13: 978-0195696202

Butterflies of The World: Over 5000 Butterflies in Full Color
H.L. Lewis ISBN-10: 0517481650 ISBN-13: 978-0517481653

The Butterflies of North America: A Natural History & Field Guide
James A. Scott ISBN-10: 0804712050 ISBN-13: 978-0804712057

↑ Do you know tempted I am to get this right now? Nooo I have to restrain myself. Must. Save. Up. More. Money......

Ok I have to stop listing now.....I'm getting itchy to buy......gotta wait until I have more money saved up only a few more days if my plans come into play.......ooooh damn it I want them nooow!


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