Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Heliconius erato.......Which one?

Heliconius (Tithonia) terrancina or H. hecale & Heliconius erato.........? *something*

Can anyone tell me which erato this is? It's the blue white and red one (the wings are metallic blue). When I asked the staff had told me it was Heliconius erato. No one knew anything beyond that.

If anyone knows please tell me. I love this one. It's the color of the American likey! I didn't see too many of these.....I think there was only one.

Will be asking around. Someone. Needs. To. Write. A. Book.!

The staff had suggested (when I complained on the apparent lack of literature on the Heliconiidae) that I should write said book. OMG! I'm flattered. And if the opportunity presents itself I would do it in a heart beat.

Problem is though is that I'm not "authorized" to do such a thing. I mean don't you have to have permits and certain "credentials"? Plus education and said proof of education?

I don't have that. I never went to go make this insanely advance hobby of mine "official" because I wouldn't know where to begin to look around here. But like I said.......if the opportunity came knocking......

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