Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pieridae Wonders: Blue Albatross (Appias celestina)

Blue Albatross (Appias celestina) Previously Pieris celestina Boisduval 1832 *Is wondering about the 'Catophaga' in parentheses* Perhaps another taxonomic change had taken place somewhere?

These are delightful! Can't seem to find any live photos. From the few that showed up from preserved specimens I want a live photo. I mean how many blue members of Pieridae do you hear about everyday (yes there are others)?

Exactly none. It's "unheard" of. But you see I should've at least expected it being that I know of the Jezebels and their insane hindwing patterns and the other insanely colored Pieridae (will get into just how insane another time......soon). I should've expected to come across blue least in part.

But nope. *^^* Love it when that happens. This is from my research. And there's also this. Again I want a freaking LIVE photo of one. I want to see them in their prime.

Aaaah someday hopefully someone will capture one.

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