Sunday, November 06, 2011

NHM Butterflies: Green Banded Swallowtail (Papilio phorcas)

Green Banded Swallowtail (Papilio phorcas) This was the only photo I could get. *^^* I wanted one with the wings open but it was being stubborn. XD

Gorgeous gorgeous species. While I was doing my research on these I've "learned" that this may or may not be another sexually dimorphic species (one site say "yes" and has pictures of the supposed female and the other says "no") and that it's related to Papilio dardanus (Wikipedia).

There are also numerous subspecies too. They're gorgeous swallowtails.


What the upperside looks like. Photo obtained while Googling. Supposedly this is the male. I still have to figure this out. But in the mean time....


Mine was over by some of the feeders flying around and looking stunning. It was also over flying under the heater lights (*Note this is not the only butterfly to do this either)! At this point it was acting more like a moth then a butterfly. I wanted to get a video but that was impossible. ^^;; too fast and it was everywhere. ^____^

It had landed on my hand for a few epic seconds as if to say "Hello to you too" and then proceeded to go only God knows where. Was mistaken for Papilio ulysses by the staff at first. ^^.. How cute! Nooo. P. ulysses is much larger. About the size of P. glaucus....but I think larger then that too as the one I observed was big.*^^*

Unfortunately the one I observed was no longer in the physical realm but it was beautiful nonetheless. I do hope to see one someday though. That's another story for another entry. *^^*

Upon my research of these butterflies I have found things about them and Papilionidae in general that's making me fall in love with them. ♥


Butterfly Corner *This is the one where it says there's no sexual differences between males and females
Nyungwe Lepidoptera Diversity Project
*Supposedly has a picture of a female. Looks nothing like the male

I'd like to know what the hell's going on here with this? The Wikipedia article used the same photo of the supposed female too but mentions nothing on them being sexually dimorphic. Only mentions range and subspecies.

I'd like to know where the first site got the info that there aren't any sexual differences......

Will be asking around about this.

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