Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Out With a Bang + Crittercams!

Since today was absolutely gorgeous out I went to my beloved park and was greatly rewarded with an epic bughunt. I saw sooo many of my little friends it was shocking.

I simply am in awe. I got what I'm calling crittercams. Lookie:

Dronefly (Eristalis tenax) A new one to add to the ever growing list (expect a part 2 on that) of buggaboos in that epic park of mine. =)

Along with that gorgeous fly I saw these:

1 Cabbage White (Pieris rapae) Oh. My. God. *Speechless*
Honeybees, More Droneflies, a mix?
1 Mystery green "worm" RESEARCH!
Aphids (1 black aphid) in their maiden flights
1 slug
1 queen red ant *Held it and attempted to get a video but it was waayy to blurry
1 millipede
1 Scarites subterraneus * Took a bloody century to nail an ID on this one. More later
1 Springtail *first thought it was a proturan or a dipluran but I'm pretty sure now it's a Springtail of some sort
Woodlice! (Porcellio spinicornus)

Woodlice (Porcellio spinicornus) There were tons of these. When I lifted the rock they had all more or less scattered like roaches. Hilarious. ^^

Today was a masterpiece. It felt like spring......♥ It was like they were all saying bye for the year or something. So sweet. They were out much later this year. You have no idea how grateful I am for that. Butterflies and other assorted creepy crawlies in November?!

Congratulations you've set a record. Let's see if you can top it next year!! I love you! ♥

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