Friday, November 11, 2011

♥More Butterflies♥

Various Morphos. I wonder if Morpho polyphemus luna is in here? I'll get a good look when I go back. *^^*

I'm forever grateful for this place. As you might've noticed I've been on a Lepidopteran Junkie High. It started when I first walked in on opening day (the 8th of October) and has been continuous on and off ever since.

Throughout all of this. I've fallen in love with lepidoptera "again". I've always loved them but this year.......they've been there for me in various ways when I needed them the most. They have been epic this year and I thank The Creator for them immensely.

God bless you Lepidoptera.......♥ I hope that next year will be filled, invaded, "contaminated", infested, and taken over by your breathtaking presence. It's already proving it's potential with National Moth Week and the knowledge of "Secret" Butterfly Gardens in Central Park.

Good Lord I can't wait! You shall hear even more from me as I'm researching and learning more and I still have more photos to show you. 0_0 Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Cyren said...

Those morphos are absolutely beautifully breathaking... but I am curious, what is a morpho polyphemus luna?

I mean I know what they are individually but... you don't mean to suggest there's such a hybrid of the three???? That sounds really extraordinary!

Speaking of extraordinary, I am in the habit of scouting specimen-sales website once in awhile and your post made me recall a product of one website... a five-winged morpho butterfly. Completely natural, not doctored or "made" or anything that is considered an extremely rare variant and one of its kind! They were selling it for couple hundreds of thousands of dollars! If I can find the link I will share it with you.


Brittanie said...

Morpho polyphemus luna......Aaah this is epic. It's a subspecies of one of the White Morphos..(forget which must research again) but it's curious as to why it has the name of 2 of my favorite Saturniids.

I wonder why? And to suggest hybrids of all three?! Ohhhh God how I hope someone tries that someday.

Five winged Morpho's? *Excuses herself to go scream for joy* Are you serious?! How is that even possible? My friend told me about 3 winged butterflies (don't know what species) But I cannot imagine what either would look like.

How would they fly? Ooooooh this calls for research but I've tried with the "Three Wings" and Google was a pain. -_-

Cyren said...

this is one such butterfly. It's got a small under-developed fifth wing, can you see it? They are incredibly rare!

Brittanie said...

Ohhhhhhh yes!! That is simply amazing!!!

Are they always underdeveloped or do some fully develop (of which I assume would be even rarer) the fifth wing?

Bravo once again Lepidoptera Bravo......*Speechless*

Radu said...

Neotropical Lepidoptera said...

No is luna...
Is Morpho catenaria.
I think

Morpho said...

You dont have any Luna in your box , its catenaria for sure ! M.polyphemus luna is biger then that and its not an hybrid , its a species . Frank

Ben the Butterfly Guy said...

My favorite white Morpho is the M. theseus juturna

Brittanie said...

Ohhhhh yes those are stunning! I love all the white morphos. I recently observed M. polyphemus at that blessed exhibit.

What stunning butterflies.