Friday, August 26, 2011


I have no idea on how I even begin to say this. Tomorrow we're supposed to be getting a freaking hurricane........they're expecting the power to go out and everyone's "running around like crazy" making preparations. And I mean everyone. In other words I have no idea when I'll update this thing again.

I'll make it ASAP I promise you I just wanted to let you know. I've got enough going on as it is I don't need this too. This year has been quite eventful not to mention stressful so I haven't been blogging much I know. I'm trying to make up for it but it's hard. Consider this day "Mass posting day". Filling in all the posts I can.

Not to mention I'm scared shitless but who isn't at this point? Oh did I mention this in NEW YORK CITY?!!! Yes, we're having fucking hurricanes in the freaking city. And Manhatten (the borough that I live btw) is supposed to get the worst of it.

Holy shit.......

Regardless of where you are stay safe and God bless........God have mercy please.

On The Buggy Side of Things:

When stuff like this happens I have to wonder where all the bugs go? Yesterday the cicadas were singing again......I wonder if they somehow sense what's going on? Mind you it was much much less then what they've been usually doing.

As for other insects Idk.......I haven't been able to get out too much this August to observe them. You can thank the fucking weather being messed up as hell for it but when I did it ensued in epicness. You shall hear about said epicness and also a list of all the successfully identified insects at my precious park. "A Field Guide To The Insects of Morning Side" if you will.

↑ I really like the name of that. *Gets ideas* ^____^

I love you all......♥ God bless you.

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