Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cicada Mania Part 2

Tosema depicta from Borneo Malaysia. The Tosema genus and others have some of the most beautiful cicadas I've ever seen......♥ And there's nothing on them. Grrrr.....>:(

After today's epic observations I have now no doubt that there's more then one species of cicada singing here. I don't remember how they all sounded and to look through only God knows how many recordings of their songs to find each one from a little much don't you think?

However this will not stop me from speculating and ranting. Wild guesses: They're all Tibicen species. Which ones? I know Tibicen tibicen for sure and after that I haven't the slightest clue. XD I'd have to do more research.


They were singing like mad at the pool today to the point I was hoping I would get to see one. That sadly didn't happen. I was standing right over them underneath a Japanese Pagoda Tree hoping one would fly down or something. No such luck.

Damn you vegetation. :P But it was wonderful (as always) to hear them singing. It got to the point where cicadas in trees on the other side of the street would start singing too!

Holy just thinking about gets me on a high. Looks like I'll have to do research after all on this as I want possible names to all the participants that weren't already known. *^^* Expect an edit shortly along with linkies.

God I love Cicadas........

Edit: Trying a little something different

Why is twitter so over capacitated today? Eh anywho: 1 Pieris rapae, 2 European Paper Wasps, Bumble bees, & Mystery black bees at the pool.less than a minute ago via Tweet Button Favorite Retweet Reply

My tweet detailing the epicness that I was able to observe. I wonder what those bees were? Too big to be Melissodes bimaculata......sooooo?

Off to do research now! Back in a bit.


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nice shot

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Woah! Nice pic man!