Monday, August 29, 2011

The Hall of Shame - Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius)

Funny..........then how come my couches are gone?!

Long long ago when you were a wee little lad and your parents tucked you into bed they often told you "Sleep tight don't let the bedbugs bite......."

You, being the naive young child probably thought that "Bed Bugs" were something cute and cuddly that your parents made up and were perfect harmless fabrications of your mommy and daddy's minds.......nothing to worry about right?"


As we all know bed bugs are very real and not some sick twisted fabrication of some fucked up folklore although I wish (and the rest of the world does too) they were. New York (and the rest of America), as we also all know is in the middle of what Animal Planet had so kindly called it "The Bed Bug Apocalypse".

Scared yet? You should be. I know I am........

.....You see (there's no kind way to put this) people have died trying to get rid of these things simply because they have no knowledge and have never had to deal with something like this.......ever.

That and they're stupid. One man lit his house on fire so to speak because he tried killing them with rubbing alcohol.....stupid stupid fool. While apparently rubbing alcohol does kill them it's not worth destroying your house and possibly killing yourself in the process.

Nope. I'd fine other means. Safer means.......

Exterminators are one way. As we all know the little bastards are becoming more resistant to pesticides, but it doesn't make them unkillable. The one thing they cannot resist or fight in anyway is heat. Heat is the No.1 enemy of Bedbugs.......there's no coming back from being baked at 140 degrees.

But not everyone can afford to pay to get their entire house heated up to insane degrees cause that shit is expensive. But it works.

So why doesn't some entomological genius use this valuable information and start working on figuring out something that the general public can afford to use and is most importantly 1000000000000% safe to use?

Come on America!!

To be continued.....with "The Evil Lives of Bedbugs" Hehehehe *^^*

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