Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mystery Solved?

Pwecious! *.*

Remember this? I think I might've figured this little guy out. I was browsing my books and found photos of members from Platypezidae (Flat-Footed Flies) and they look just like this little one. The key feature: The eyes.

Be it that only the males (right? Have to check again) have the giant eyes........damn I lost my train of thought here. >_< Uh nevermind. I did a quick research binge on them and there doesn't seem to be much on them unfortunately.

Also since I got this photo from a Chinese site it maybe hard to ID it to species or even genera since I wouldn't know anyone that's an expert on Chinese Diptera or all insects in general.

But I will ask around regardless at least to confirm that it's a member of Platypezidae (man that is FUN to say!).

First up: Bugguide's Facebook Group!

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