Monday, August 08, 2011

Cicada Mania Part 1

As I type this they're singing like crazy. They've been doing so since the first. All of this has prompted me to try and figure out what species I'm hearing. By researching all of this I've fell in love with cicadas even more. ♥

I still don't know exactly which ones I'm hearing. But I believe that they're in the Tibicen genius and after that might be either Tibicen tibicen or Tibicen t. australis. However I naturally (obviously) have to question this based on, 1. Observations 2. Facts (from sites & books).


1. They start their "concerts" like crazy around 6-7 (dusk/sunset) E.g Right now. *^^*
2. They have sung during the day (not as frequent)
3. I think I'm hearing 2-3 different species/subspecies? *As of today
4. Cicada mania really kicked off 08-01-11 *Have heard them once in a while late July
5. Songs varied in volume but are the "same" *As of today

3. Very subtle difference in between songs. I'm mostly hearing "one type" though. They're really going at it now. *^^* I love it
1. It's 7:55PM and the sky's all pink and light blue sun has gone down.

I'm very happy right now. ^__________^


1. I'm thinking they're either Tibicen tibicen or Tibicen t. australis. I "narrowed it down" via this epic site that has recordings of the songs of Cicadas of the Eastern United States. Both have very similar songs to what I'm hearing....however there's a subtle difference to it that's hard to describe and the sites doesn't list any other Tibicen species with similar sounding songs........

See Bugguide page on Tibicen tibicen. Lists them as being common in New York........I live in New York and I also believe that that's what I've seen upstate too. Resemblance is uncanny! I have yet to see one at my house (I hope I do as that would solve this mystery 100 %).Link
2. Might be something other then T. tibicen.........although now due to research I highly doubt that.......XD


1. Will have to rule out Tibicen t. australis apparently. Bugguide completely disputes the possibility of it being that due to it (according to them) not occurring in New York. Read guide page. Duh! :P

2. Mystery possibly solved? Answer Tibicen tibicen? Unless there another similar sounding Tibicen species occurring in NY state (will due further research) I'm going with T. tibicen.

To be continued!!! Photo: Unknown Cicada species. Gorgeous no? Will ask around for ID. Link


Kendra Bing said...
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pompom said...

You have got a nice blog site.Congratulations!

Brittanie said...

@Pompom: Thank you! *^^*

Bengoshi-Neko said...

So that's what species it is :O I've seen these around my suburb.