Monday, November 01, 2010

青黃枯葉蛾 Trabala Vishnou guttata

青黃枯葉蛾 Trabala Vishnou guttata

Ok so remember that Chinese insect site I told you about? Well I got this from there on this page. It's making me mad because from just the pictures I can tell it would be a fascinating entry. I can tell though that straw/hair that are on the eggs were more then likely put there for protection against predators/parasites.

That site though it's amazing. I just wish they had English translations because I want to understand it all. Alot of these insects don't have alot of info on them and the info that is on them isn't even in English. It's not fair!

That's why for a good while ( while I devour that site picking through it ) I'm gonna need help from any and all Chinese speakers that happen to read this thing. *^^*

Thank you! Once again the link to the article on this moth is here.

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