Saturday, November 13, 2010

"The Forgotten Ones"

Ok they weren't really if they were this wouldn't be here. :P AOL's quotes on the ACP ( Asian Citrus Psyllid ) and the Persea Mite.

Have fun with these!

1. Asian Citrus Psyllid

What they threaten: California's $1.3 billion citrus industry.

Modus operandi:
The Asian citrus psyllid isn't such a bad bug on its own, but it can carry the devious and deadly Huanglongbing (HLB) bacteria, which kills all varieties of citrus trees. And what's truly sneaky is that it's often not evident for years that a citrus tree has been infected, so if the owner of the trees isn't aware of what's going on, the psyllids continue to eat away at the tree, allowing HLB to continue to spread.

"Left unchecked, the Asian citrus psyllid will spread throughout California," warns Elizabeth Grafton-Cardwell, a University of California entomologist working to minimize the Asian citrus psyllid population. As for the disease it carries, "There is no cure," Grafton-Cardwell says, "and it is a death sentence for citrus."

Fun fact:
"The adult psyllid tilts its rear end up in the air when it feeds -- a unique posture among citrus pests," Grafton-Cardwell says.

- AOL Small Business

No cure?! Damn them little bastards. :P

2. Persea Mite

What they threaten: California's $320 million avocado industry, where 90 percent of the nation's avocados are grown, as well as the peach and apricot industries.

Modus operandi:
They like to feed on avocados, which causes the plant's leaves to fall prematurely. As the leaves fall too soon, the bark becomes sunburned, the fruit doesn't grow properly and the avocado trees in general get stressed out.

Fun fact:
The average persea mite only lives 15 to 40 days. The warmer the weather, the shorter the life. Sixty-seven degrees Fahrenheit seems to be the sweet spot.

- AOL Small Business

Sweet Jesus........GET RID OF THE FUCKERS! Sorry.....^^; I just really like avocados.

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