Friday, November 05, 2010

1. Asian Citrus Psyllid ( Diaphorina citri )

First off Happy Birthday to BoA!!

And now we get on with why we're here. Now I tried "researching" these but I must say there doesn't seem to be info on these things that's directly online. In other words not in 10,000 PDF's. However on Wikipedia there is info on Psyllids in general.

Very fascinating. I didn't read the whole thing but what I did read was interesting. The Psyllids themselves look like leafhoppers so much so I thought they were a type of leaf hopper with just a weird that I've heard/read before all of this.

Before properly finding out about Psyllids I imagined them to be aphid like you know? The name practically oozes that kind of image. You know Psyllid.

At least for me.....*^^* And the differences between leafhoppers and psyllids?

Well there isn't much on the physical aspect although I'm sure there's alot I'm missing but that's probably due to the fact that I'm tired.

I tend to get disoriented and moody when I'm tired. XD But for me the first most obvious is the antennae. Leafhoppers have those "non existent" ones. The ones so small you can hardly see them. Like dragonflies.

But Psyllids have noticeably larger more see able ones. Leafhoppers jump when startled or touched Idk if Psyllids do this or not but I have to look into it.

I wonder if they fly? Anyway said article is here.


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Awww. Thank you! *^^* They are interesting little things aren't they?