Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Baetus sp. You'll get another rant on these later.

Got this photo from that ingenious Chinese insect site. Lots of photos of insects that have me wondering WTF is going on? Sucks that there's no English version or something.

I have questions though. Like do all Baetus species have those fascinating eyes? I've never seen a mayfly ( picture or in person ) with eyes like that. Holy shit. All the more reason to have that damn site in ENGLISH PLEASE!! T_T

I will do more research to find out somethings. What are those things?

1. Find out what Baetus species this one is.
2. Find out if they all have those type of eyes
3. Find out if there's any specific reason for having those kind of eyes
4. Find out more about them in general cause I love mayflies. *^^*

Toodles! I have work to do. YAY! *^^*

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