Thursday, November 04, 2010

8 Insects You Have To Worry About Besides Bedbugs

Yup. You didn't think it could get worse did ya? AOL did a very interesting article on these 8 evil little bastards. These buggies have it out to put people out of business and businesses out of business. But perhaps the most shocking is who's on the list.

Taking all of this from a crazed bug fanatic's view it's all very messed up. All 7 make more sense then No.8 ( please note that they're in order ):

Zeh Culprits:

1. Asian Citrus Psyllids
2. Emerald Ash Borers
3. Persea Mite
4. Crazy Raspberry Ants
5. Asian Ladybeetls ( Harmonia axyridis? ) WTF?! Unless they're talking about another ALB....
6. Varroa Destructor
7. Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
8. Coffee Borer Beetle

You can bet your ass all of these will have their own entries. Along with all the quotes and fun facts from the article which can be found here.

As well as stuff from additional sites. Oh joy!


lala said...
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Brittanie said...

Stop spamming.

birdy said...
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birdy said...

Thanks for the information and link. Being a photographer, sometime I have to handle bugs. Now I will be more careful while handling these insects. Added your blog to my favorite blog list.

Brittanie said...

Your quite welcome! I'm glad I could help. Enjoy! And thanks for the fave!

Lady Fromage said...

I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to bugs, but I'd like to add fleas to that list because I got to know them quite well this summer when they boarded every furry pet in our house (a total of 4... 2 of which are cats, and quite difficult to bathe!) :)

-Lady Fromage

Brittanie said...

Aaah yes the dreaded flea! Could really put alot of people and pet businesess in trouble if the little suckers ( Pun not intended *^^* ) got out of hand.

There's also lice too. If they got out of hand pretty much you're screwed. XD I'm sorry you had to get to know them.

That couldn't haven been fun. But I assume you got to know them and then ended the relationship? *^^*

I wonder how you got the kitties to bathe? XD