Sunday, October 31, 2010



What did I do to celebrate? Nothing yet. I painted my nails orange. ^^ And later I'm gonna pig out and watch Charmed.

As for bugs I didn't see any today. I didn't want to stay out too long understandably. And the reason for my absence this week was because my comp got some sort of virus so I had to get it fixed. All is well now obviously or this post wouldn't be here. :P

Onto the photo. The spider ( yes it's a spider ) in the photo is none other then Maratus volans the Peacock Spider. Just by it's name you can "guess" a whole lot about this spider.

I don't even have to go on Wikipedia for what I'm about to say. These spiders are the arthropod version of the peacock in it's life style and mating rituals. Of course it's more detailed then that but that was the "short version".

The long version with all the lovely details is here. Now if you were to look up M. volans even further you'll see that there's quite alot of info.

Also the genius Maratus is peaking my interests and I have questions:

Questions I'd Like Answers To:

1. Do all Maratus species males have the peacock like mating rituals/"body parts"?
2. Is anything else known about the other Maratus species?
3. ......or is Maratus volans the only one with info?
4. Have the others even been observed or are they hard to find?
5. Was M. volans hard to find?
6. Why was Maratus volans studied and not the others?

I hate when I don't have answers to questions involving interesting insects/spiders. It's quite annoying actually.....smh.

Anyway have a happy and safe Halloween!

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