Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Ok first things first. My bitch ex therapist sent me into the loony bin for 2 weeks without my beloved internet. Because of this I was unable to finish filling in post for September. Now I have 2 weeks worth more to work on for this month.

Possibly a bunch will be ramblings if I can't think of anything but it will include a bunch of creepy crawly things.....YAY! This one will as well because I came home to some bittersweet news. My last beloved hermie Mary Shelly "Ms. Switchy" went to heaven sometime while I was away.

I was crushed because I at least wanted to say goodbye. So I guess I'll post it here:

Dear My Little Mary Shelly,

You and your friend Little Buddy were an ABSOLUTE JOY to have. Both unique, adorable, and fun to have in this house. Me and mommy LOVED you both so much. You Mary Shelly were my little troublemaker.

Always switching shells every other day or week. I honestly didn't know where you were sometimes and to be honest it scared me a bit.....*^^* But when I found you in another shell safe and sound I can swear you thought it was funny.

If you could laugh I'm sure I would hear you snickering.....my little troublemaker. But you also gave me such a unique opportunity to have a crab that did something none of my other ones lived to do for some reason: change shells. That was a gift in itself. Plus I can tell it made you happy.

You looked so pretty in all of them. But my favorite on you was your last one. The same kind that Little Buddy and my first hermie Swifty lived in. It made me happy and sentimental.

I thank you for that with all my heart. I'll NEVER forget you. Give Little Buddy a kiss for me.

God bless you! Kisses and hugs! See you later!

Love Mommy......

The sweet news is that I got 3 new ones. And they're Pacific Hermies. Ones that I've seen but never had the pleasure to own until now. They're GORGEOUS! My little babies that are going to be pieces of work I can tell but I'll try my best and hopefully won't pinch me anymore after I get to know them and them me.

I do hope that they change out of the shell though because they're too small for them I think. But if they're comfortable then keep 'em. ^^

And after I get some more rest Cimex lectularius will die.


prahlad said...
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Angela said...

I found your blog when I was looking for photos for my general entomology lab lecture on Coleoptera. I hope you continue to show such great enthusiasm for insects!

Brittanie said...


Glad to know that this little blog of mine has helped so many people!

Thank you!! I found a beetle of some sort in my bathroom yesterday. I forget the name.....Time for RESEARCH!! *^^*