Monday, October 25, 2010


In regards to Cimex lectularius I have questions. Lots of questions. Sadly most of them will never have answers I don't think unless America gets up off of their asses and does something to answer these questions of mine and undoubtedly the world.

Thank God there are people doing their part though. I have a friend that's researching them as we speak more or less on how to send their blood sucking asses back to hell.

As for the questions that I have......I'm sure other people have wondered:

1. Whether or not they have a Bed bug repellent.

*In other words a spray you spray on yourself to keep them from biting you

2. How did this whole damn epidemic start?

They're suspicions that it started in Chicago in some sort of shipment I believe.

3. How to make sure that they don't return.....ever.

*After I get them out of the house I don't want them coming back obviously so how do you prevent this?

4. Is there anything that hunts the bastards down and eats them?

You know how like spiders are beneficial to have in the household because they keep the number of flies and other insects down.

5. Out of curiosity how do you tell the sex of the damn things?

*An exterminator had told me by the shape of the head and legs but of course I don't know if they're other methods cause they all look alike to me.

Remember this is just out of curiosity. Everyone I see will die regardless of gender or sexual orientation.......*giggle*

Sorry I had to put that it was priceless. XD

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