Friday, April 30, 2010

More Bugs

Bugs I saw today:

♡ Lots of butterflies ( Tried catching one It was hopeless cause I didn't have a net )
♡ 1 Earth Worm
♡ 1 Pill bug
♡ 1 Beetle ( in my house )
♡ Lots of bees

*Makes mental note to ask mom to get a net*


andres said...

Hi there.

I just wanted to say you hav a really amazing blog. I admire your taste for bugs, i was always a fan of them, since I was a kid.

You should try Venezuela, where i live. We have all kinds of strange unnameable insects. I dont like spiders much, but I can talk all day about beatles and worms.

Anyway, just wanted to congrat you, and tell you I hope you keep bloging, I see you havent posted anything in some time.

If you ever visit the caribean, we are at your orders.


(my own blog has the name of an insect.

Brittanie said...

^_____________^ Thank you! I've been quite busy with things lately so I'm working on filling in all the post I missed. So don't worry I'm on it. *^^*

I would love to go to Venezuela someday as well as any tropical country/setting you name it. Lots of creepy crawlies!

Nice to know you guys have my back whenever I make plans to go down there. ^_^