Saturday, April 03, 2010

Flies From Hell

Poecilanthrax lucifer.....

.....Oh you think I'm making this up? Hell no.

You wish I were making it up. But enough on that. What I would like to know is what prompted entomologists to give it such a sinister and downright evil name?

I mean I know that the diet of the bee fly is evil ( I did a post on it ) but there must be something different about this one for them to give it such a name.

Unfortunately there's not much on them.

As with all bee flies it seems ( except Bombylius major ) there's nothing on them. Apparently they all want to keep their lives a secret......why?

The same holds true for Satan's little creation here......but one thing seems to be the same with all of them.....they're parasites. Some of the most sinister may I add that I've ever heard of.

Read this and you'll see why.....poor bees.... :(

And you though they were all "cute and harmless". Hell no. So back to my little rant. There must be something that this one does that's downright evil....more evil then the rest of them to name it after the devil. Exactly what that is I have no clue.

But I plan to find out. I'm going to go and ask around to see if there's anything different about this one's life cycle for it to have the "honor" of it being named after Satan himself.

Beeflies are called "beeflies" for 2 reasons:

1. They mimic bees ( duh )
2. The prey on bee larvae as larvae themselves ( see pdf )*

* Some species have specific species of bees that they prey on.....others are not as picky.

Expect more. I'll be doing some research on Satan's henchmen of the bug world.

But they are cute.....I'll give them that.


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