Monday, April 05, 2010

Spring Goodies! Lots of Bugs

I went to the park today and I found these:

10+ Cabbage White Butterflies
A Bunch of Pill Bugs
1 Ant
1 Centipede ( I believe it was a stone or garden centipede )
3- 4 Honey Bees ( Thank God )
Lots of Carpenter Bees

The fact that I saw honey bees at all was miracle but the fact that I saw more then one is Idk what to call it, but I had tears in my eyes because it made me think that there was hope for our VERY important fuzzy friends.

I'm glad that I saw them because it was technically in the wild they weren't put there. So I thank God that they're still kicking in places.

God help them please! We need our honey bees!

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