Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Actias Series

These are some of my favorite moths. I love them so I decided to dedicate this little series to them. I've always found Luna moths ( Actias luna ) magical and drop dead gorgeous.

Add to the fact that I've never even seen one and it makes all the more intriguing.

I had found a source that sells Luna moth cocoons but I don't know if I can get them now because unfortunately my mom doesn't have her credit card anymore....

That's one of my dreams. To see at least one luna moth and hold it ( hopefully ).

But enough with the sentimental fantasy crap. This is what I hope to accomplish:

  • To show you that there's more then one "Luna Moth"
  • Give you info on different species
  • Prove that they all don't have similar life cycles
  • Reveal "shocking" information ( if there's any )
  • Educate you on these beautiful moths

Also if I remember correctly I think there's some folklore on them too. I'll have to dig that up. But for now we'll focus on the moths themselves.

As for how long this "series" is.....I can't tell you because they're quite a few species but who knows how much is known about them.

Most likely very little but I'll try and find anything I can.

Species That WILL Be Mentioned:

Actias luna ( duh! )
Actias dubernardi

All the other ones I have in mind I have to research first.

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