Saturday, January 02, 2010


.......wait WHAT?!

Who'd want to eat bugs?! Yuck! Well apparently people do. Ever heard of Mopane worms? Witchety Grubs? Yeah well people eat those and many more.

Has the world gone mad? Nah, at least not the whole world....XD

BugFacts says:


Entomophagy - The eating of insects. There are over 1,400-recorded species of
edible insects.

Most ants and ant larvae are edible and tasty (according to Entomophagy
enthusiasts). Black ants can be eaten raw, whereas fire ants are not considered
to be edible. The formic acid, which gives ants a vinegar flavor, mostly
disappears when they are boiled. In Thailand, ant juice is sometimes substituted
when recipes call for lemon.

Larger ants can be squeezed onto your fresh wild salad. Both the adults and larvae of cicadas, Japanese beetles, June bugs and floor beetles are edible.

Sounds gross right? Yeah well I remember watching some program on TV ( think it was a cooking show ) and these people ate ants in a salad or something. Don't really remember too much.....

.....which is probably good for my sanity. XD So anyway how's your stomach feeling? >:) You should be thankful that I don't have any videos of people eating these things......yet. What's also edible you ask? Well I'm glad you did:

Butterfly pupae

I'll stop now but all of these are indeed least certain species are. The first three are mentioned in video that I have somewhere in this house.

The last 2 were in a magazine. I will try and find proof of this elsewhere as I'm pretty sure that the magazine is long gone. But the guy that ate them is crazy.

But if course if you're on a stranded deserted island you have no choice, apparently grasshoppers are full of protein.....

......isn't that great kids? Yeah I didn't think so but would I lie to you? Google it.


Nortaneous said...

I've had crickets, chocolate-covered ants, and some kind of larvae. Crickets taste a bit like cherries. Chocolate-covered ants are pretty awesome, but larvae definitely aren't. They remind me of undercooked popcorn. Too crunchy.

Brittanie said...

Some kind of larvae as in you didn't know what it was?

Oh dear God help us all. I like cherries so maybe I'd like crickets? Do you know what kind of crickets they were?

Would like to know so in case if I ever loose my sanity I can try some. >:)

I've always wanted to try chocolate covered ants....I ate an ant once but it was completely by accident. It was so tiny it didn't taste like a thing.

So you'd have to tell me what they ( chocolate covered ants ) taste like. Any other insect is off the menu for me. XD

Good to see you on here btw. :)