Monday, January 04, 2010

Insane Bugs Facts

*The Asian Cyprian honeybee kills its nemesis, the Oriental hornet, by smothering
with other honeybees as a mob, causing the hornet to asphyxiate.

*Sex among African bat bugs is a violent affair. During copulation,
males of the species pierce the abdomens of their mates with their
genitals and ejaculate directly into their blood. (OUCH!)

And you thought houseflies were bad?…

*The Coffin Fly maintains itself for many generations in human bodies
buried in coffins.

*A female Bot Fly lays her eggs on the proboscis of a mosquito (the
piercing mouthpart of the mosquito); when the mosquito bites a human,
the bot fly larvae emerge from their eggs and crawl under the human's
skin through the mosquito bite or by boring into the flesh. UGHHH!

*Petroleum Flies feed on other flies that get trapped in pools of crude
petroleum in California.

More coming! These are from the Yahoo! group BugFacts.

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