Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!


Well as you may have noticed I didn't post alot last year and the year before that. That's due to LIFE getting in the way and being as they say a bitch. Last year I was without the internet for months so I couldn't post here.

This year I'm hoping and praying will be different and that I'll get to post lots. I'll definitely try my hardest. I'm also hoping that this year will be a much better one for me then last year.

Last year was crap. Too many things had happened. And sadly most of them weren't good.

So I'm hoping that this year will make up for that awful shitty year. And I hope that all of you have a good one too and that all your dreams come true this year.

Bring on 2010 and the bugs that come with it. ^_~

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